Marketing for you

How can you make more sales as a business? Marketing! So many business underestimate the power and difference a good market strategy can make. There are many useful methods of marketing depending on your business. For instance if you are an online website, email-marketing is a good method of keep your customers up to date with your product, but also is also free advertising on somebodys inbox. It has been scientifically proven that a person will subconsciously memorise the name of your business, without even having to open the email. So how do you do it? The idea if formed around getting customers to give you their email willingly. A method is a pop-up screen, or signing up an account with a option to receive newsletters. These newsletters are then free opportunities to get your business’ name out there and creating a recognised brand.

Brand Recognising is one the key strategies used by companies all across the world. It is primarily building a brand’s reputation through the core values it strives to achieve, for example McDonald’s: fast food that tastes good.

It starts by using 4 main strategies in marketing,  Specialization, Differentiation, Segmentation and Concentration.


You need to establish what your target audience is.


What makes you different from everybody else?


How can you delegate your core into manageable sections.


Concentrate on the three above and the three above only! If you find a target audience – stick to it!

Agency or Consultant?

How do you choose?

An agency is an external business who you pay for their services. Normally a better option as they have years of experience and have a better footing in the industry and are more familiar with the workings.




An consultant is someone who will come and work for your company and work specifically with you to improve your business marketing strategy and how it can be improved.

But who is best?

No one really knows every business is different and has a prefered option which they use and works best for their business.


So you’re probably all thinking what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It can be shown clearly in the video below.

SEO is becoming increasingly popular with the very fast use of technology now being used in society. Businesses are adapting their marketing strategies and their user platforms to keep up with the technological advancement that is happening around us. Long are the days where you sit down with the huge directory flicking through pages after pages of listings of companies all scattered all over the place. Now we simply type what we want into a search engine such as Google and wait a second before being faced with thousands of sites sorted in front of our eyes.

In fact over 95% of people use a search engine to look for services e.g. plumbers, gardeners, plasterers etc. Another fact for you is 90% of searchers click on the top 3 listings in a search engine results. So if your company is in those top three – that is a lot more customers through your doors and ultimately more sales! So now you’re thinking, how do I find someone to do it? There are hundreds of companies out there but picking the right one is hard!

When looking for seo companies it is better to find a smaller local business rather than the huge corporate companies such as Yell. The reason being SEO works more efficiently in specific areas, therefore picking a local business will provide better results. So if you require Bristol seo, London seo, Cardiff seo, Birmingham seo etc you are better off looking at more local smaller run businesses who will work with you and your business and more personal level rather than the bulk service you will receive from the likes of Yell.