10 amazing tips for hiring the best SEO company

When picking out which SEO company to hire, you can be overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information that is out there. If your Internet business is what keeps the cash flowing, then you’ll spend a lot of time fine-tuning your operation, which includes searching for advice online – and, of course, hiring a SEO company. With so many options, you can’t afford to trust just any first company you find.

In order to make this process easier, we have a handy list – 10 things to keep in mind when conducting a search for the best SEO company for your business. No matter what you hear, there’s always a cost-effective and good solution.


  1. Savings & pricing. The company you look for must be competitively priced. What does this mean? Look at the value of the services they offer and compare them with the price. Simple as that. It should go without saying that you look for a fair deal.
  2. Page rank. While looking over the list of services, it should be addressed specifically how they will be employed. Even more importantly, methods employed for Page Rank & Search Engine Positioning should be explained thoroughly. A detailed site analysis service is also something to look for.
  3. If not straightforwardly improving your business site, a serious SEO company will at least provide a method of reporting, in great detail, the performance history of your website. Even more importantly, the services they provide for you should also be reported on, in order for you to clearly see if they’re doing a good job or not.
  4. Keyword optimization. Taking a look at another essential service every SEO company should offer: the optimization of keywords found on your website is integral for the health of individual web-pages. Thy should also be able to analyse your keywords and, if necessary, suggest alternatives.
  5. Again when looking over prices, this time not per service, but business size. They should be able to offer any and all services (and optimize properly) to websites which have a high number of pages. Pricing should be adjusted fairly and include different price-points for all sizes.
  6. Transparency is your friend here. The SEO company you hire should offer you all needed contact information, and also be available to communicate with on a daily basis. Furthermore, they should also ask you for all the needed contact info, in order for them to execute a good strategy of optimization. This involves a level of trust on both your end, and theirs, with complete transparency.
  7. Linking strategy. A professional SEO company understands the importance on one-way and reciprocal linking when dealing with Search Engines. They should be prepared to deal with a project of improvement that includes the following: the linking structure of your website, the analysis of this structure, and finally, a cohesive plan of action with the goal to improve it.
  8. Customer care. After initiating a project, the SEO company should offer their expert advice all through the process. This means not excluding you from the inner workings of the above-mentioned plans of improvement (see also, 6. Communication). It also means that the parameters within which this advice is available are fair.
  9. Going over pricing and affordability again, you should finally compare their prices with that of traditional methods of marketing (PPC, classifieds). How do the prices compare? Which one of them offers a higher rate of good results to money spent?

Time. Finally, you should be able to save a lot of time with a good SEO company. Otherwise, what’s the point? Your Internet business is your livelihood, and time is essential – make no mistake. The SEO company you hire should offer you a fast, professional route to improvement,