Benefits of Online Marketing

Online Marketing is necessary for a reason that how the consumers decide to purchase. In the study of Gartner, consumer through social media increases and by mobile devices, and they search prices before making final decision. It gives you an opportunity to communicate with your customers and prospects.Here are some of the benefits of online marketing:


  • enables you to be open for business around the clock without worrying about store opening hours or overtime payments for staff.


  • can overcome barriers of distance.


  • Marketing products on the online costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlet.


  • enables you to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences.


  • provides an important platform for building relationships with customers and increasing customer retention levels.


  • enables you to take advantage of the growing importance of social media.



10 amazing tips for hiring the best SEO company

When picking out which SEO company to hire, you can be overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information that is out there. If your Internet business is what keeps the cash flowing, then you’ll spend a lot of time fine-tuning your operation, which includes searching for advice online – and, of course, hiring a SEO company. With so many options, you can’t afford to trust just any first company you find.

In order to make this process easier, we have a handy list – 10 things to keep in mind when conducting a search for the best SEO company for your business. No matter what you hear, there’s always a cost-effective and good solution.


  1. Savings & pricing. The company you look for must be competitively priced. What does this mean? Look at the value of the services they offer and compare them with the price. Simple as that. It should go without saying that you look for a fair deal.
  2. Page rank. While looking over the list of services, it should be addressed specifically how they will be employed. Even more importantly, methods employed for Page Rank & Search Engine Positioning should be explained thoroughly. A detailed site analysis service is also something to look for.
  3. If not straightforwardly improving your business site, a serious SEO company will at least provide a method of reporting, in great detail, the performance history of your website. Even more importantly, the services they provide for you should also be reported on, in order for you to clearly see if they’re doing a good job or not.
  4. Keyword optimization. Taking a look at another essential service every SEO company should offer: the optimization of keywords found on your website is integral for the health of individual web-pages. Thy should also be able to analyse your keywords and, if necessary, suggest alternatives.
  5. Again when looking over prices, this time not per service, but business size. They should be able to offer any and all services (and optimize properly) to websites which have a high number of pages. Pricing should be adjusted fairly and include different price-points for all sizes.
  6. Transparency is your friend here. The SEO company you hire should offer you all needed contact information, and also be available to communicate with on a daily basis. Furthermore, they should also ask you for all the needed contact info, in order for them to execute a good strategy of optimization. This involves a level of trust on both your end, and theirs, with complete transparency.
  7. Linking strategy. A professional SEO company understands the importance on one-way and reciprocal linking when dealing with Search Engines. They should be prepared to deal with a project of improvement that includes the following: the linking structure of your website, the analysis of this structure, and finally, a cohesive plan of action with the goal to improve it.
  8. Customer care. After initiating a project, the SEO company should offer their expert advice all through the process. This means not excluding you from the inner workings of the above-mentioned plans of improvement (see also, 6. Communication). It also means that the parameters within which this advice is available are fair.
  9. Going over pricing and affordability again, you should finally compare their prices with that of traditional methods of marketing (PPC, classifieds). How do the prices compare? Which one of them offers a higher rate of good results to money spent?

Time. Finally, you should be able to save a lot of time with a good SEO company. Otherwise, what’s the point? Your Internet business is your livelihood, and time is essential – make no mistake. The SEO company you hire should offer you a fast, professional route to improvement,

More SEO tips and tricks, and some traps to avoid while searching for the perfect consultant

While developing your online business, you sometimes come across different types of promises or claims that SEO companies will make. More often than not, these are outrageous exaggerations that should give you signals to keep away from certain consultants.

One of these is the following claim that some consultants will tell you: they have a secret way of improving your site’s traffic. This is often followed by their inability to share this way – which is supposed to give it credibility. After all, if they’ve got a secret way of handling the optimization, why would they just share it away freely, right? Wrong. This is something that should immediately turn you away from them. There is no “secret” to SEO that only some have figured out. Search Engine Optimization is a very open field, and its one that is well-researched and understood. The way it develops as a field of research makes it practically impossible for anyone to have a so-called “secret” or “proprietary” methodology that puts them apart. So if the next consultant or firm you want to hire says something along these lines, tell them “no, thanks”.

Sometimes even searching for a good SEO company can feel hard. On most search engines, if you simply put in “top SEO company” or something similar, you will find a ton of websites that are simply lists of SEO companies. Even if you narrow your search using specific locations or specialities (e-commerce, for example), you’ll most likely be left with not-quite-the-best of SEO companies.

The explanation for this is twofold.

First off, the best SEO companies don’t have to rank good in search results, since they will inevitably have a lot of client retention, which makes them highly in demand, as well as extremely busy. They don’t really need to be on the front pages of search results, since they don’t concentrate a lot of energy on getting new clients.

Secondly, the “top SEO lists” you often find are a business in their own right. These websites are optimized to rank for specific terms (like “best SEO companies”, “top SEO consultants”, etc), just so they can sell these listings to the SEO companies. From the perspective of the consumer, you, who’re looking for a good consulting SEO firm, this is not ideal. Since the SEO-list websites’ goal is to simply sell slots to companies, there can gather a lot of inexperienced consultants who want rank well on search results because they might need a good start. But their lack of experience will not get you, the consumer, good results.

Truth is, every site will need different SEO tactics in order to succeed. A good company or consultant will know exactly what your website needs after taking a good look at it. What separates good SEO companies from mediocre ones is the capability to understand the different needs of each client’s website. The mediocre SEO companies will apply the same principles and methodology to every site, while a good SEO company will always know how to adapt for the specificities inherent in each website.

A great SEO company will also have a good understanding of all SEO levels: the technical level (a site’s structure, which determines how easy or difficult it can be for engines to index the content), the on-page level (using elements such as keywords and HTML tags in order to increase traffic) and off-page level (link building & others). Ideally, you need to find a company able to tackle all these three essential dimensions of SEO, in order to maximize results. For example, all the keywords in the world won’t do any good if your site’s structure is so messy that engines can’t get to the content.

Furthermore, in 2017, SEO has to be understood at a level that goes beyond technical methods. It requires an understanding of marketing in a broad sense, as well as the psychological aspects that go into it, the social media landscape, web analytics, the specific culture where the marketing campaign takes place, web design, viral marketing, etc. In other words, an ideal SEO company will understand exactly why you need your business to thrive, why your product must be

Limitations of Online Marketing

  • Not free
    • cost of hardware
    • software
    • web site design
    • online distribution costs
    • maintenance
    • hosting of website
    • time
  • Many people are there who still prefer the live interaction when they buy.
  • there are plenty of scams online
  • Plenty of the visitors online does not use credit card unless your website is secure
  • Many of online sites were built without interacting first the customers.
  • There are a lot of competitors.

Using storytelling as a marketing strategy

One of the best ways to empower your brand is adopting a storytelling strategy. One of the main components of content marketing, telling stories can become the basis of a stronger identity for your brand. Since the dawn of time, people have loved to tell stories. They’re a pillar of our whole society. It’s not a surprise then that adopting storytelling into your marketing plan can do wonders when implemented properly.

It’s a technique that is sometimes seen as just a tool to use when making content. Of course the technique itself is very important in how it’s applied, but there is so much more to it than just that. Storytelling is meant to connect with the customer on a personal level, and it raises questions, it gets the customer thinking about things – with your brand in mind! Furthermore the evolution of content marketing makes it possible to reach your audience through any medium, all the while maintaining a strong narrative.

Narratives are a way through which people pass on knowledge. They work because they are a core element in our perception of the world. Tying a story to your brand develops its identity.

In order to figure out what type of narratives or stories your audience expects, try to answer some questions:

  • As a brand, what can be said about everything it stands for? This can range from what you stand for in your company, to specific reasons (why a solution was better than others in a certain scenario, for example). How can you develop the values that define your brand into a narrative? How can you deliver this story, of all the pillars that build the name of your company? Go beyond just the facts.
  • What stories does your customer base already tell? Be a good listener to the needs of your audience, and be mindful of levels of engagement with them. Can you build a medium for them in which you can encourage to tell their own stories? If you include your customers in the creation of narratives, the overall identity of your brand will be much stronger.
  • What type of content does your audience expect from you? The connection you make with them can help you answer this question. If you are inclusive, you can determine what type of content stimulates your customers more, and therefore it is possible for you to deliver a more powerful story.
  • How can you properly utilize all of the tools that the digital age puts at your disposal? More specifically, how can you maximize the value of your virtual capital? The brand you build through storytelling can be strengthened by the plethora of mediums through which it can be delivered. Tell the same story through multiple ways, and combine them. Can experimentation with 21st century narrative mediums bring a higher chance of success for your own brand?
  • Last but not least, social media and story-driven content marketing go hand in hand. Maximize on the user-generated content and boost the development of a stronger brand identity. As mentioned before, connecting with your audience is paramount when it comes to storytelling marketing. How can you engage with your customers in such a way as to make them attracted even more to the stories you have to tell?

Finally, remember that all stories are meant to be personal. Take it from the beginning – how was your brand born? What is your company’s primary goal, what drives you? When answering these questions, try to keep in mind your customer-base. It’s relevant to tell your own story, but the most powerful effect is going to come from your audience. The customer should always be at the centre of the story, while your brand is only a secondary character that helps them get to where they need to be.

Content marketing solutions

The start of a new year is always a good moment to freshen up your content and turn it up a notch when it comes to attracting new customers for your business. The material used in content marketing is preferably always something new and exciting, as keeps customers interested in what you have to say. It can be a blog, a video series, a podcast, or many other things. This type of advertising is all about capturing an audience using creative material that is tailored towards a specific type of
However, a good habit for any business is to revise the strategy from time to time. Habits and people change, and so does your customer base. Even if you’ve got a steady number of visitors on your site, there’s always a way you can improve upon the content.
First off, your audience should be well-known to you when it comes to their needs and preferences. If you have a good idea of what type of customers your content tends to attract, you should look to expand into more areas. On the other hand, there are a few ways you can easily learn more about what works and what keeps people interested – in other words, what preferences your audience has.
Keyword research is something you should already be doing for SEO, but the results can also lead you to know your audience better. Knowing what keywords and phrases are preferred by your customers will give you the insight you need to improve your content.
Another good approach is to have questionnaires on your website, asking the customers directly about their experience. If you engage with your clients, it’ll show you care about their needs and at the same time give you a better idea about how to create something that suits them better. Remember that even though content marketing is all about attracting customers to your product, the material you’re using to promote your business doesn’t have to be all about how great your brand is.
Once you know what your audience goes for, you have to think of ways in which to adapt your strategy. When it comes to content marketing, it will always be about adapting to new needs that your customers might have. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to change the type of content you provide for them, most of the time it just means improving upon what you’ve already built so far, as well as allowing your audience to engage with you. Give them a chance to tell you what they think – get involved in discussions in comment sections, respond to them on social media platforms, provide them a chance to sign up for a newsletter, and so on. It’s all about engagement.
Keeping your core customer base might not be hard if your product is already established on the market, but attracting more people to your side is always going to be a goal you have to set for yourself. Content marketing can help in this situation, especially given how versatile it can be. If not a lot of your customers enjoy spending time reading, for example, consider creating an alternative way of delivering the information to them. Add some images to your blog posts, to make them more attractive. Or better yet, create a different type of content altogether. If you cater for the needs of the minority (in terms of preferences), you’ll find that you can easily boost your customer base.
The most important thing to remember about content marketing is the importance of patience. It takes time to get through to your audience and win them over. It also takes quite a bit of time to gather more followers, and it also takes some time for any long-term marketing plan to succeed. No matter how greatly laid out the foundation of such a plan is, you have to remember that every now and then, it helps to take a step back and revisit it.

Marketing for you

How can you make more sales as a business? Marketing! So many business underestimate the power and difference a good market strategy can make. There are many useful methods of marketing depending on your business. For instance if you are an online website, email-marketing is a good method of keep your customers up to date with your product, but also is also free advertising on somebodys inbox. It has been scientifically proven that a person will subconsciously memorise the name of your business, without even having to open the email. So how do you do it? The idea if formed around getting customers to give you their email willingly. A method is a pop-up screen, or signing up an account with a option to receive newsletters. These newsletters are then free opportunities to get your business’ name out there and creating a recognised brand.

Brand Recognising is one the key strategies used by companies all across the world. It is primarily building a brand’s reputation through the core values it strives to achieve, for example McDonald’s: fast food that tastes good.

It starts by using 4 main strategies in marketing,  Specialization, Differentiation, Segmentation and Concentration.


You need to establish what your target audience is.


What makes you different from everybody else?


How can you delegate your core into manageable sections.


Concentrate on the three above and the three above only! If you find a target audience – stick to it!

Agency or Consultant?

How do you choose?

An agency is an external business who you pay for their services. Normally a better option as they have years of experience and have a better footing in the industry and are more familiar with the workings.




An consultant is someone who will come and work for your company and work specifically with you to improve your business marketing strategy and how it can be improved.

But who is best?

No one really knows every business is different and has a prefered option which they use and works best for their business.


So you’re probably all thinking what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It can be shown clearly in the video below.

SEO is becoming increasingly popular with the very fast use of technology now being used in society. Businesses are adapting their marketing strategies and their user platforms to keep up with the technological advancement that is happening around us. Long are the days where you sit down with the huge directory flicking through pages after pages of listings of companies all scattered all over the place. Now we simply type what we want into a search engine such as Google and wait a second before being faced with thousands of sites sorted in front of our eyes.

In fact over 95% of people use a search engine to look for services e.g. plumbers, gardeners, plasterers etc. Another fact for you is 90% of searchers click on the top 3 listings in a search engine results. So if your company is in those top three – that is a lot more customers through your doors and ultimately more sales! So now you’re thinking, how do I find someone to do it? There are hundreds of companies out there but picking the right one is hard!

When looking for seo companies it is better to find a smaller local business rather than the huge corporate companies such as Yell. The reason being SEO works more efficiently in specific areas, therefore picking a local business will provide better results. So if you require Bristol seo, London seo, Cardiff seo, Birmingham seo etc you are better off looking at more local smaller run businesses who will work with you and your business and more personal level rather than the bulk service you will receive from the likes of Yell.